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Playschool is the most important steppingstone in your child's education and development. We at AIS KIDS EDU PLAYSCHOOL focuses on child’s Holistic Development. We prepare child for enriched academic program.

Enrolment Form Charges250/-
Onetime Enrolment Charges3000/-Non Refundable
Onetime Refundable Security Deposit3000/-Refundable
Yearly Fees for PLAY SCHOOL
Tuition fees26000/-
Fee has been divided in 2 instalments for parent’s convenience1st2nd
10th May 202320th Aug 2023
Rs. 13000/-Rs. 13000/-
Payment of yearly fees will be highly appreciated.


Sr. No.Point of timeRefund percent
145 days before the re-opening date50%
230 days before the re-opening date25%
315 days before the re-opening date10%
4Anytime in between the academic year0%


1. Parents need to fill and submit a consent letter for student’s pick up if someone else is picking on their behalf.
2. Valid ID Card with a recent photo of Parents, Guardian or Authorized person is mandatory to collect the child.
3. It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children about appropriate behavior when in the AIS KIDS EDU PLAYSCHOOL. While in the school, children must respect and listen to the teachers and staff. This applies to staying within premises, participating in activities, respectful behavior and interaction with other kids and staff.
4. Parents may not harass Playgroup coordinator/teachers/ caregivers. All concerns must be communicated professionally with non-abusive words. All queries must be communicated in writing to the playschool head on email id [email protected]
5. Parents are not allowed to send their kids to school immediately after vaccination. Kids may come to school after one day from vaccination time.
6. Discourage children from carrying personal items and valuables. If parents wish so, it will be at their own risk.
7. Parents need to send extra clothes and water bottle. All belongings of a child should be labelled.
8. School working days and hours will be – Monday to Friday – 9 am to 11.30am . For extended hours parents need to fill a separate daycare form abiding by hourly charges applicable for the same.
9. Children suffering from infectious diseases should not be sent to school unless they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours.
10. Parents are not allowed to give personal gifts or money to Playschool staff.
11. No birthday celebrations are allowed in daycare.
12. Parents are requested to send freshly prepared healthy food in tiffin. Only vegetarian food needs to be sent.